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About Us




     My name is Erik Runolfson and my wife is Heidi Runolfson.  We are a husband and wife team that share a passion for beautiful classic and exotic cars.  Since we are the only two employees of our company we provide our customers with the highest possible level of expertise.



     I am second generation European car technician. My father, Merle Runolfson, was a technician that moved on to become a vocational educator teaching European car repair.   I started my automotive apprenticeship at San Jose British Motors in 1985 where I finished a 4 year apprenticeship in 2 years.  At San Jose British Motors I was privileged to work on both Jaguar’s and Maserati’s and earned my Master Technician status in Jaguar in 1992.  When Ford purchased Jaguar, I left Jaguar and went to Mercedes Benz in 1995.



     I worked for Smythe European Mercedes for 12 years and in 2003 I was invited to work on MayBach’s (this is Mercedes top of the line luxury vehicle).  I hold 17 training certificates for Mercedes –Benz and I am a Top Tier Mercedes Technician.



     A funny thing happened, the Germans bought Rolls Royce, which was a blend of British styling and German engineering, this was a perfect match for my skills and experience.  I then moved to Los Gatos Luxury Cars formerly known as Silicon Valley Auto Group.  This is where I received my formal training from the Rolls Royce factory in Goodwood England.  At this dealership, I was crossed trained with Bentley Motor Cars and had an opportunity to work on the finest and rarest exotic cars in the world.



     I had an opportunity to work at the Fisker and McLaren dealership in Palo Alto where I was factory trained in Fisker – the new electric high-end sports car.



     With the help of my wife Heidi, we took the chance to venture out on our own in so we may provide customers the one on one service they deserve.  We are members of the Rolls Royce Owners Club and own a 1978 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.



     I have a passion for motorcars and motor sports.  When I am not working in the shop, I build and drive off road sand cars.  Since all 4 of our children are grown and out of the house, we can focus and dedicate our time to our business and our motor sport passions.


          NOTE:  Most of the pictures contained in this website are our customers personal vehicles.