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I ) Electrical • Ignition System Issues • Chassis Wiring • Complete Vehicle Rewiring • Customizing Electrical Accessories • Upgrading to "Modern Technology" • Battery and Charging System Issues • Lighting Issues II ) Hydraulic • Brake System Issues • Suspension Hydraulic Issues / Shocks • Convertible Top Hydraulic Issues • Vehicle Jacking System Issues • Steering Hydraulic Issues • BEJUR Oiling System A) Remake Broken BEJUR Lines B) Rebuild BEJUR Fluid Pumps III ) Carburetion / Fuel Injection • Servicing Fuel Systems • Repairing Fuel Systems • Upgrading Fuel Systems IV ) Vehicle Mechanics A ) Brakes • Service Brake Pads/Shoes & Rotors/Drums • Service Mechanical Brakes A) Servo/Rod System B) Replace Worn System Cables C) Remake Metal Brake Lines B ) Engine • Mounting • Internal Systems C ) Transmission • Servicing and Repairs D ) Rear End • Servicing and Repairs E ) Drive-shaft • Servicing and Repairs F ) Suspension • Servicing and Repairs G ) Axles • Servicing and Repairs H ) Steering • Servicing and Repairs I ) Control Levers • Servicing and Repairs During my experience with Rolls Royce at the Rolls Royce Dealership in Los Gatos, California; I was cross-trained in Bentley. Substantiation of my qualifications are available upon request. I can diagnose, service, repair and/or restore your Bentley (years 1920 to 2010) in the following areas: Note: In my 30 years of work experience, I have worked on Zenithcarburetors, SU carburetors, Rolls Royce with Mercedes fuel injection (1980's to early 1990's) and Rolls Royce with BMW fuel injection (1990's to 2000's.)

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